NEW ORLEANS -- A Tulane University-owned laptop was stolen last year that had a file containing private information of each person employed at the university in the past year, according to school officials.

The computer had W-2 information, names, Social Security numbers, address and salary for every employee, including student and part-time employees and anyone who will receive a 2010 W-2.

School officials say the laptop, used to process 2010 tax records during the university's winter break, was not encrypted and was in a briefcase in the locked automobile of an employee who was out of town. It was stolen Dec. 29, and school officials were notified the following day.

The university has sent letters to the more than 10,000 affected individuals and have offered a full year of credit monitoring. If you have any questions, call (504) 865-5291 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

'Tulane University deeply regrets that this event occurred and is committed to fully protecting all of the information entrusted to us by our employees and students,' the school said in a prepared statement. 'The university is taking multiple steps to prevent this type of event in the future, including reviewing the policies and procedures concerning the use and protection of confidential information.'

The university says this does not seem to be a targeted theft because other items were stolen from the car.

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