NEW ORLEANS It was a strange ending to a hearing for a former model accused of rape.

A judge was supposed to decide if Dean Kelly violated the terms of his probation for allegedly harassing a woman.

Moments after one of several witnesses took the stand, Kelly fell out of his chair and onto the floor.

He appeared unresponsive, and minutes later paramedics wheeled Kelly out on a stretcher before taking him to a local hospital. EMS isn't commenting on his condition at this time, citing privacy laws.

Kelly was in court on a probation revocation hearing, as the district attorney attempts to keep the defendant behind bars. Kelly has been in jail since being arrested Friday for an alleged rape back in 2005. He also faces two other rape charges.

As Kelly was being taken out of court, we talked with his mother and newlywed wife.

They say, from a jailhouse phone he recently told them he was beaten up by other inmates.

'Beaten up in jail terribly,' said Marilyn Kelly, Dean's mother. 'You see his face, his ear, his mouth, his eye Is closed. We kept looking at him. They told us we would have to stop looking at him if we wanted to stay in court. He's just all beat up.'

'His eye was swollen, one of his cheeks was puffed out, his ears seemed to have a little bit of blood on it,' said Lauren Kelly, Dean's wife. 'Just in rough shape.'

Before Dean Kelly collapsed, several female Tulane students testified about encounters they had with him. The stories were similar, as the students testified he acted aggressively in getting their phone numbers and then persistently sent text and Facebook messages, all the while using an alias -- either Tyler or Ty Durden.

The witnesses were called as the city attorney's office attempts to keep Dean Kelly behind bars.

Pending his condition, Monday's hearing would resume Thursday afternoon.

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