Maya Rodriguez / Eyewitness News

SIMMESPORT, La. Rising waters are already taking their toll in areas of outside the of levee protection zone in Simmesport.

Water was seen creeping up higher and higher toward homes and other low-lying structures on Fisherman Drive.

About 31 people who live along the roadway evacuated. Among those displaced, the mayor of Simmesport whose home is cut off from the main road because of high water.

'I was actually the first one that started moving my stuff out,' said Mayor Eric Rusk, 'just in case the water got to the first prediction. Actually, I have two homes there: One home that I moved out of when I built my new one.'

Rusk is no longer staying at either one of his homes because of the water.

'I've been out of my home for two weeks,' he said.

Lester Soileau took a long, hard look at the house as water edged closer to the home built in Simmesport. The water is normal about 100 feet back from where it is now.

'It's like everything we've done is gone,' said Soileau.

This past weekend he and his family moved their belongs out of the home.

Based on projections by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rusk says people who live in this part of town probably won't be able to come home for another two weeks.

The water is expected to rise outside of the levee protection system for the next few days. As a precaution, the utility companies have shut off electricity to that part of town.

'I'm not worried about it,' said Philip Durrett, who owns Simmesport Fish Company at the end of Fisherman Drive.

Durrett said he doesn't expect things to get as bad they were in 1973, the last time the area saw major flooding.

'I don't believe it will get any higher than it is now,' he said.

For now, the displaced residents are staying in temporary housing inside the levee protection system.

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