Bill Capo / Action Reporter

COVINGTON, La. - The Danielle Inn looks like a vacation retreat, but here lives are born and hope is nourished.

Danielle Inn is a home for up to a dozen unwed, pregnant women. Bree was sent here a year ago by court order.

'I had been in jail several times, addicted to drugs,' Bree said.

'I first met Bree in a courtrroom, and she was in shackles and prison garb, and I just remember looking at her, and seeing the potential in this child,' said Danielle Inn Executive Director Abby Shields.

But now Bree is a smiling mother proudly caring for her daughter, London, and developing the potential they saw in her.

'I am a lot happier,' Bree said,'More responsible, patience I'm working on that, but just independent. They're teaching me how to be independent.'

'It's a miracle, but God's in the miracle making business,' smiled Shields.

Danielle Inn is a shelter that uses Christian lessons to build new lives.

'One of the things that we also like to do is help them with life skills, so that they can have independent living,' said Shields.

It costs $8,500 a month to keep the doors open at Danielle Inn. They have no government support and rely on all donations. They'd like to see 5,000 people support Danielle Inn an $10 a month. The Exchange Club of West St. Tammany is holding a special fund raising event Saturday, August 20 - a tail gating extravaganza.

'There's going to be approximately 20 teams ,I believe, with bar-b-cues,' said Shields. 'There's going to be live music. There will be a silent auction, a live auction.'

It's a fun event that will helpwomen like Bree become role models for their children.

'I see myself in five years, if not owning my own home, in my own home, paying my own rent, working full time,' said Bree.

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