Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, LA. Chase Daniel stands 6-feet tall, 225 pounds

Cam Newton registers in at 6-5, 244 pounds.

And for the three days of practice the Saints will focus on Carolina, Daniel has the odd task of trying to emulate Newton, the Panthers' shiny new bulky and athletic toy at quarterback.

'It feels good,' Daniel said. 'I get to go run around a little bit and make some plays with (my) feet, scramble out a little bit. Sort of what I can do but not quite on that level. So it's fun.'

The Saints (3-1) play at Carolina (1-3) on Sunday at noon, getting their first look at the first overall pick in April's draft.

Newton has shined in his first four starts, throwing for 1,386 yards, the most for an NFL player in his first four starts in a career.

But that just means that Daniel will be unleashed, free to show New Orleans' defense what they can expect out of Newton.

'Chase will look at some of the film and he'll try to approach the center in a very similar fashion,' Saints coach Sean Payton said.'He'll try to look at the shotgun depths, where the launch points are and there will be plays where we ask him to flush and force our guys to extend the play and get used to the play being broken.'

When asked if Daniel's physical stature would be a detriment to playing the scout team quarterback this week, Payton didn't flinch.

'We can't go sign a 6-6 practice squad quarterback,' Payton said, a wry smile plastered on his face.

In other words, Daniel will have to do.

After watching Newton on film, Daniel has come away impressed.

'He doesn't get enough credit for his arm strength,' Daniel said. 'It's a very rare, rare arm. He can make all the throws. He's going to hold the ball longer to try and get those plays downfield to Steve Smith.'

Daniel added, 'Cam is a big scrambler, but he scrambles to pass, not to run.'

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