Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. Drew Brees opened the season's first 143 minutes, 45 seconds without throwing an interception in 95 attempts.

On pass No. 96, that streak ended.

It seemingly hasn't stopped.

New Orleans' all-everything quarterback has thrown seven since that first one against Houston, including three this past weekend, the final one ending the Saints' hope of a come-from-behind win over Tampa Bay.

He knows the giveaways have to end.

'Yes, that's disappointing,' said Brees, who is 181 of 264 this season. 'Regardless of how they happened, you walk out of a game and even if you feel like you had two picks and both of them were tipped, it's still a bad mark on your record.'

At least three of Brees' interceptions have come after his intended targets touched the ball. Two of them were in and out of receiver Robert Meachem's hands.

Regardless, Brees said he won't stop attempting tough passes.

'There's a fine line because my position is about trust, confidence, anticipation and accuracy,' Brees said, 'and if you hesitate for a second or over-analyze for a second, it's not happening. In fact, that's when things get worse. I'm certainly not going to press, either. I'm still going to turn it loose and have trust, confidence, anticipation and accuracy.'

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