Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. Saints defensive back Patrick Robinson wasn't exactly delaying the game when his second-quarter, fourth-down penalty kept a Tampa Bay drive alive in New Orleans' 27-16 win.

But he was responsible for an action that is against the rules, if not a poorly named one.

Saints coach Sean Payton said it's a rule that has been on the books for only a few years.

'It used to be defensively, you guys might remember, defensive players would try to move to draw a lineman offsides,' Payton said.'It happened a lot in the kicking game ten years ago when teams lined up to punt or kick field goals where periodically a defensive lineman would line up to try to jump.'

Robinson - lined up against the Buccaneers gunner - flinched, trying to draw the player offside.

Instead, the Bucs retained possession, eventually moving to the Saints' 42 before being forced to punt.

'The call is a little unique in that it's called a delay of game, but that's the penalty,' Payton said.'You're not allowed defensively to try to do that.'

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