David Duke, the former Louisiana lawmaker, white supremacist and Klu Klux Klan leader, has been arrested in Cologne, Germany, according to multiple news reports.

Duke confirmed his arrest on his own website, but he wouldn't elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

'I won't go into many details of my arrest at this moment as a court case is yet to be fought, but I was imprisoned by a gross twisting of travel laws in a blatant attempt by the government to prevent a private and peaceful gathering of about a 100 German citizens eager to hear my message of heritage and freedom,' said Duke on his website.

Duke was reportedly scheduled to speak to a right-wing nationalist group, before German authorities arrested him.

'The statement by the Cologne police department said that Duke, 61, is 'obliged to leave German territory without delay,'' said a Huffington Post story, and his arrest connected to his expulsion from Czech Republic in 2009.

Additionally, an MSNBC report said, Duke ''was dubbed an 'undesirable foreigner' and detained in Cologne before he could address a group called Outside the Network on Friday.'

'My arrest and imprisonment was meant to silence my message and demoralize the people who came to hear it,' said Duke on his website.

Duke said he was released from jail.

Duke, who has lived in Mandeville, said he cannot return to Louisiana until he is vindicated of the charges. He is asking for money from supporters to fight those charges.

'As much as I would like to, I can't just go back to Louisiana right now as I have to fight this improper action against me and our brothers and sisters. I just can't turn my back and run away, no matter how comfortable it may be for me to do so. My duty is to stand up for my rights and that of the European people.'

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