Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter
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METAIRIE, La. ― Saints coach Sean Payton thinks he knows where the whistles came from that had the Titans calling shenanigans after Sunday's game.

Sitting in front of assembled reporters Monday, Payton, with a straight face, divulged his three theories.

It might just be easier to let him explain.

'I have three theories on the whistle, and I think I have the answer,' Payton said. 'There is a high school field nearby and they were playing a game while our game was going on, so I thought maybe it was the high school whistle we heard. We weren't in Memphis. We were in Nashville and I saw a guy dressed in black that looked like Johnny Cash so I thought maybe he was blowing a whistle in the crowd.

He went on.

'But I really think Whistle Monster who's really famous in these parts,' said Payton, holding up a picture of the Whistle Monster. 'He's a famous Who Dat Saints fan. So high school football games, Johnny Cash, and Whistle Monster and I'm going to go with Whistle Monster. He was there helping us out anyway he could, and he got a little press here so I think that's my answer.'

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