Bill Capo / Action Reporter

HARVEY, La. -- Behind this Harvey daycare center is a leaning utility pole. Get closer, and see that a large chunk of the pole has split and come free.

The daycare center owners worry about when the pole will fall.

'I'm definitely worried,' said Royce Goodson. 'You can see that it is going to happen sometime, and when you can tell that it is going to fall, you might as well get ahead of the game, and have it fixed.'

There are 38 children in the daycare, and if the pole falls, it could pull down the electric, cable and phone wires to the building.

'We wouldn't be able to stay open without power,' said Royce. 'We'd have to try to get some sort of generator here, because you have to have power, and you have to have phone.'

They say something, possibly a large truck, hit the pole several months ago, digging a gouge in the side of the pole.

'I really don't think it would fall on the facility itself, but I think it would fall to the street behind the facility,' said Hallette Goodson. 'If there's a car there, if there's a child riding a bicycle.'

'Well, we've been calling Entergy several times for the past several months,' added Royce.

Now they didn't get an answer from Entergy, because when I checked the back of the pole, there's a tag that says it is owned by SBT&T, which means Southern Bell Telephone, a bit of history because that became BellSouth, and that has been folded back into AT&T.

So I'm going to contact AT&T to get them to replace the pole, but I've also got to contact Entergy and Cox Cale because they all seem to have wires on this pole, and they've got to work together in the project to replace it.

All three utilities tell me they are working on this, and I asked them to make sure the neighboring poles are not leaning dangerously as well.

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