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KENNER, La. - Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin arrived home on Friday afternoon amid reports that he is now in the center of a federal investigation.

According to the Times Picayune and Eyewitness News sources, a grand jury is now looking at evidence of possible wrongdoing involving city contractors.

WWL-TV spoke with Nagin at Armstrong International Airport minutes after he touched down about those allegations.

'This is old stuff that has been hammered for a long time,' said Nagin about the media reports.

Times Picayune reporter David Hammer reports that a federal grand jury is focused on city vendors who may have given Nagin gratuities.

Nagin confirmed that the newspaper report is connected to an ethics complaint which his lawyer is looking into.

'This stems from a 3-year-old ethics complaint and he's handling that. That's it,' Nagin said.

The Times Picayune report says possible gratuities offered to Nagin include equipment for a family granite counter-top business and trips to Hawaii and Jamaica - in exchange for city contracts.

Investigators claim the trips were paid for with a credit card given to Nagin's former Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert who later confessed that the credit card belonged to Net-Methods -- a city technology firm owned by businessman Mark St. Pierre.

Both Meffert and St. Pierre would end up in federal court and are now serving time.

On Friday, Nagin said that there is no truth to these latest allegations against him.

'They're 3 years old. They keep coming up. I only want an opportunity to finally deal with them and hopefully we can have an honest and open approach where truth and justice prevails but I'm starting to worry about that now. It don't seem like its a fair process but it is what it is,' said Nagin.

In 2009, WWL-TV filed a public records request for former Mayor Nagin's electronic messages and daily schedule. Experts later determined that thousands of items were deliberately deleted.

Eyewitness News Political Analyst Clancy DuBos says the Feds may also be looking into missing e-mail.

'It is a federal crime to mess with public computers, and if you do it with something that involves a potential investigation, a potential crime, it could get into obstruction justice. It could get into a lot of things,' said DuBos.

Nagin told Eyewitness News that he has not been officially contacted about this grand jury probe.

The former mayor returned from Minneapolis to New Orleans on Friday afternoon where he was speaking at a local college about Hurricane Katrina.

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