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It's a last look at Mardi Gras 2012, and one of the youngest parades in the area was at A Child's World day care in Harvey. It was exciting, and finally, no one had to worry about the utility pole towering over the rear corner of the property.

'We have them ranging from four months old to four years old, so they're real excited. And you feel even better now that that broken pole has been replaced? Yes, I'm so glad. We could have been in the threat of not having the parade,' said Hallette Goodson, A Child's World owner.

At the time of the first Action Report, the pole at the back corner of the property had obviously been hit by a large vehicle. A sizable chunk had split away. The rest of the pole was leaning, and looked ready to fall.

'We wouldn't be able to stay open without power,' said Royce Goodson, A Child's World Owner.

The pole belonged to AT&T, but I also contacted Entergy and Cox Cable, because they all had wires attached to the pole.

'Well, you left us about noon, and come five o'clock, there was a group of five Entergy trucks pulled around that corner, and jumped right on it, and started changing the pole,' said Royce Goodson.

They sent me pictures of the work, and Entergy explained they have an agreement with AT&T about broken poles, so they did the work in this case.

'I'm just grateful that it's taken care of, and the children are safe, we're safe, and nobody else, no innocent pedestrians or anything were injured,' said Hallette Goodson.

'We didn't even lose power, didn't lose phone, anything, and it was fixed in about an hour,' said Royce.

However, this is not the only utility pole they're concentrating on. A number of other poles are leaning on this street, so I asked Entergy inspectors to take a look at them as well. They did, said they're not in danger of falling, but because they are leaning, they will be replaced.

'There's not been a day since you've come that we haven't seen Entergy out on the streets,' said Hallette Goodson.

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