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GENTILLY, La. -- Police are investigating the scene of an officer-involved shooting in Gentilly that's left one person dead after a search warrant was executed.

The incident happened in the 2600 block of Prentiss Street. Police say a house on this block has been under police surveillance for several weeks. Neighbors say it was a known drug house -- and Wednesday police attempted to serve a search warrant when gunfire erupted.

The shooting unfolded just before neighbors were coming home from work in this Gentilly neighborhood. The New Orleans Police Department says the house has been on its radar for weeks, and Wednesday suspicious drug activity was observed.

Police say one person leaving the house was arrested and booked with intent to distribute narcotics, shortly after an arrest warrant was issued to enter the house.

'While in the process of serving that search warrant, one gunshot was fired. One deceased male was on the scene. He has not been identified,' said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

While police processed the crime scene collecting evidence, relatives of the man who was shot and killed began to arrive. Police haven't identified the person, but relatives say 20-year-old Wendell Allen was shot and killed by police.

'He was shot inside the house,' said Deborah Allen, Wendell Allen's grandmother. 'Let the chief come and tell me if it was justified. But the police are going into everybody house and kill their children with their little bitty children in there, and people got their children in there. Their sisters and brothers got to see their brother killed like that.'

The deadly shooting is concerning to Arlene Johnson, who has lived in the neighborhood for 44 years and saw the police tape and the flashing lights when she got home.

'I've known just about everybody in this neighborhood. I've grown up with these children. And just to see something like this going on in the neighborhood, it's just absolutely, I'm shocked,' Johnson said.

Serpas said homicide detectives, the public integrity bureau and the independent police monitor are all looking into this shooting, which remains under investigation.

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