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NEWORLEANS- A judge ruled in favor of a Bourbon Street bar accused of a noise ordinance violation. A municipal court judge ruled in favor of the French Quarter club

The owners of Bourbon Live went to court this morning to defend the noise levels at the French Quarter club. The club was cited in December by the New Orleans Police Department.

Some French Quarter residents said the noise level from the club is a quality of life issue, and added that they were glad to see the issue going to the court.

The trial focuses on the city's enforcement of the noise ordinance in the French quarter. According to the NOPD, from February 2011 to February 2012, officers have cited five French Quarter businesses for noise violations.

Supporters of the city ordinance believe Bourbon Live was in clear violation of the law. 'When police officer can't hear his radio in the middle of the street, that's beyond noise, that's a nuisance,' Brian Furness, a French Quarter resident, said last month.

According to the citation, Bourbon Live had two speakers at the entrances pointed toward the street, and the officer noted he was unable to hear his radio from the middle of Bourbon Street.

However, Anthony Marullo, the bar's owner, denies that claim, saying his bar was no louder than other clubs on Bourbon Street.

Marullo added last month the police were not equipped to measure the sound. 'The police department came over and informed us that the speakers were too loud. We requested that the police use a decibel meter as per the municipal ordinance.'

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