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NEW ORLEANS -- At the corner of Philip and Chestnut streets is a major road construction project. Only a small portion of both streets is passable for vehicles.

In most neighborhoods this would be considered a nightmare, but here the neighbors are delighted because the work is underway.

'This is a Godsend compared to what we had before,' said Jack Jurgens. 'We're almost, almost fixed. You can see this car navigating around the construction that's been going on for the last two or three months.

'We see the light at the end of the tunnel finally, after five years.'

When they emailed the Action Line last month, there was a steep dip in the intersection, with a pool of dirty water from a leaking underground pipe filling the bottom of the dip.

Angry neighbors begged for help to get the city to correct a problem that was causing damage to vehicles.

'We are very irritated,' Susan Gundlach said Feb. 8. 'We're scared we're going to be the ones plunging in. It's happened for about four years, isn't that correct, everyone?'

The next day the Sewerage & Water Board had a crew out to repair the leak. But fixing the dip in the street has been a far more complex challenge. The work has been done in stages.

Last week crews used deep layers of asphalt as the first step in smoothing out the roadway, a positive sign for residents.

It's been a long month, with a lot of emails sent to various officials at City Hall. But for those who live here, at this point, they can see it won't be too long before this job is complete, and that when it is finished, they'll have a street they can drive on, and not have their vehicles damaged.

'I probably will think I've moved to a new neighborhood,' joked Jurgens. 'No, it'll be great. It'll be great, we won't have to worry about the cars bottoming out and that sort of thing.'

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