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PALM BEACH, Fl. - Wednesday morning, the NFC coaches had a breakfast gathering as part of the final day of NFL owners meetings in Florida.

Sean Payton spoke Tuesday in his last few days as Saints head coach before he begins his one-season suspension for his involvement in the team's bounty program (unless he decides to appeal.)

At the meetings Wednesday, the commissioner discussed the rules and regulations that needed to be voted on for the 2012 season by the owners.

The Saints have a coaching issue to take care of first.

They must go through a process that includes interviewing a minority candidate for the head coaching job also known as the Rooney rule.

The question is, who would want to interview when it is assumed that Bill Parcells will get the job? It seems as if Parcells is the number one candidate, despite Payton saying that there are many options in-house that could do the job.

Many teams in the past have avoided the Rooney rule by bringing in a consultant. If the Saints choose this route, Parcells would become a consultant.

It is predicted that Sean Payton will get stir crazy without his coaching job, seeing that he has been directly involved in the game for decades. Being part of a network's football broadcast may alleviate some of this problem.

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