BATONROUGE, La. - You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning if you want to tailgate for LSU's Super Regional this weekend against Stony Brook.

The schedule announced Monday probably took some Tiger fans aback. Friday and Saturday's contests are slated for 11 a.m., with Sunday's finale of the best-of-three at noon, if it is necessary.

I'm not sure if LSU fans were complaining, but the LSUsports web site published an explanation, that you can see below.

ESPN owns the television rights to all NCAA Super Regional games being played across the country, including the contests this weekend at Alex Box Stadium. As a result, the NCAA and ESPN determine when the games will be played.

LSU did request that its Super Regional games start at night, but ultimately ESPN had to take into account eight Super Regional sites when determining game times.

Idon't know if Stony Brook's upset in the Miami regional and what appears - on paper - to be a mismatch, caused the network to put more battles between top seeds in the later hours, but that could be a consideration.

LSUfans may want to change their tailgate menu to include breakfast sausage and grits.

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