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Surveillance cameras inside Temptations a club on Bourbon Street -- captured images of a man and woman entering the club in the early morning hours last Wednesday.

Around 20 minutes later, they left with dancer Jaren Lockhart, authorities said -- a reason the two are now considered 'persons of interest' in Lockhart's murder.

Authorities said they have gathered footage from other cameras across several blocks, which also show Lockhart with the man and woman.

'Somebody will recognize these folks. They know we're looking for 'em and they haven't contacted us yet. So, it's our desire to put this out there and somebody will identify them,' said Hancock County (MS) Sheriff Ricky Adam, whose office is handling the investigation.

Lockhart's dismembered body washed ashore along Bay St. Louis and other Mississippi beaches last week, and now, the video could be key in helping investigators learn what happened.

Officials said preliminary and unconfirmed information, leads them to believe the man possibly works as a doorman at a nearby club, while the woman, they said, is possibly a street performer.

The relationship between the two and Lockhart is unclear.

Officials said, for now, all possibilities are still on the table, including the idea that thetwo persons of interest may also be in danger.

They aren't considered suspects, but they haven't been ruled out either.

'If they're not involved, they could be victims. If nothing else, they're witnesses to the last time -- we know -- that she is alive,' said Hancock Sheriff's Department Chief Investigator Glenn Grannon. 'Our concern is that both of them -- their safety could be in peril as well. If they seen something that the perpetrator didn't want 'em to see, they could be in trouble.'

Detectives said Lockhart's boyfriend, who first reported her missing last week, is cooperating with the investigation.

If you have any information on the two persons of interest, you're asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at 228-466-6900.

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