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NEWORLEANS - The level of violent crime in New Orleans has been an urgent issue at all levels in this city for some time now, so the city council wants to know where the administration's crime fighting efforts and programs stand now.

The rash of violent incidents has led to repeated calls to find strategies to stop the events, especially those where young people have been the victims or the ones committing the crimes.

At Thursday's meeting, council members are scheduled to hear from police Chief Ronal Serpas, public safety Deputy Mayor Jerry Sneed and criminal justice Commissioner James Carter.

They have been asked to describe the current state of the administration's programs to fight violence.

It is an issue that has been a major concern for Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and he made fighting crime a key element in his state of the city speech one month ago.

'Reducing violent crime and murder in New Orleans, has been and will continue to be the most important issue facing this city and its future. We must find a way to stop the killing,' Landrieu said.

Many times in recent months, Landireu has begged residents to become activated in the fight against violent crime, and he has pointed out the city needs help from other portions of the criminal justice system, from the court to the district attorney to the parole system.

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