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KENNER, La. Daniel Duzac, 19, would have gone fishing with his father to celebrate Independence Day, said family members. Instead, Duzac spent the Fourth of July seriously injured at the hospital.

The remnants of a dangerous and illegal homemade firework called a sparkler bomb are still strewn across the cement parking lot in front of Duzac's Kenner apartment.

Duzac wrapped nearly 150 sparklers in duct tape and added a fuse to create an explosive device, said Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway.

When Duzac tried to remove the fuse from the lit device, the bomb exploded in his hand, said Caraway.

The blast blew off Duzac's left hand, two fingers on his right hand, and severely burned his arms and legs, said police. Duzac was rushed into emergency surgery, and remains in guarded condition.

'If it would have been next to his face it would have probably killed him,' said Caraway.

The blast also damaged three cars, said Caraway. Each had its windshield cracked, and one also had damage to the rear.

'When you see something like this, you've seen things over the years where people have been blown up, killed because of fireworks, it's just not, to me, it's just not worth it for something you can go a few blocks from here and see a fireworks display,' said Caraway.

Duzac was with a number of friends when he lit the sparkler bomb late Tuesday night, said Caraway. He warned of the potentially deadly consequences sparkler bombs, and other explosives, can have.

'Typically you wouldn't think of a sparkler being dangerous, but when it's constructed this way, obviously it was,' said Caraway.

It is illegal to have fireworks in Kenner. While sparklers are legal, making a bomb out of them is a felony. Police said the district attorney will decide whether to charge Duzac for having one.

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