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RIVER RIDGE, La.- A 23-year-old threatened suicide for three hours and 15 minutes before a SWAT team was able to taze him to end the incident on Monday, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Around 8:15 p.m., a woman at 9205 5th St. in River Ridge called 911 to report that her husband was saying he would kill himself.

When deputies arrived on scene, they discovered Devin McMorris, who was armed with a small caliber handgun, holding his wife and two children hostage inside their home, police said.

Shortly after deputies arrived, McMorris released his hostages and went back inside the home, according to the JPSO.

A SWAT team and negotiators created a perimeter around the home and evacuated nearby residents.

Negotiators attempted to open a dialogue with the extremely agitated man, deputies said.

On several occasions, McMorris would exit his home with his gun to his head or wave the weapon and point it at officers, repeatedly asking to be shot. He fired his weapon three times (two of the shots were aimed at a mechanical robot.)

The suspect continued the aforementioned actions for a little more than three hours.

Eventually, during one of the instances in which McMorris walked a short distance from the front door while holding his weapon and yelling at officials, a member of the SWAT team fired his tazer. He hit the man, who immediately fell to the ground.

McMorris was taken into custody without further incident, the JPSO said.

After being examined by EMS, he was booked with attempted murder of a police officer in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

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