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NEW ORLEANS -- For volunteers like Kimberly Murray, it's a fulfilling opportunity.

Sunday, Murray joined more than 200 others in feeding the homeless through the Christmas In July event, held each year by Bridge House and Grace House.

'They are very appreciative,' Murray said, referring to the more than 600 people who showed up to take part in the event.

They were treated to fresh clothes, toiletries and a meal donated by Mother's Restaurant.

'It's really nice to sit down and have such a nice meal, because a lot of time, you know, you get a sandwich when you go and so, we actually have a sit down dinner,' said Else Pedersen, CEO of Bridge House / Grace House. 'This is the time of year when there are not a lot of events like this that can bring attention to the fact that we still have many people in the community who need services.'

Pedersen said the numbers are always changing.

While numerous organizations work together to provide housing and other services, she said it's difficult to keep up with the demand.

'There is more and more collaboration in offering services, but you know, the resources are exhausted and so, it just takes a continued effort and focus,' Pedersen said. 'It's still a huge problem. There are still many thousands of people who need housing and so, it's kind of like we improve and then we take a step back.'

This day, however, a large group of volunteers did their part providing some relief to a group that seemed to savor the moment.

'They're very thankful,' Murray said.

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