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METAIRIE, La. New Orleans Saints receiver Joe Morgan had not one, but two spectacular plays Tuesday, eye-opening enough that they caused instant tweets by those in attendance for the morning's training camp session.

But from his standpoint, only one was Play of the Day worthy an interception-stealing grab midway through practice.

Morgan took off on a 'Go' route, streaking down the left sideline with 6-foot cornerback A.J. Davis in coverage.

Quarterback Luke McCown saw the matchup and liked what he saw. Only, the ball wasn't thrown on time and came up a little short.

Both Morgan and Davis leapt to grab the ball in the air and for a second it appeared the cornerback had come down with it.

But at the last instant, Morgan grabbed the ball away from Davis, turning the interception into a first down.

'First of all, the DB thought he had an interception,' Morgan said. 'He even screamed it when he went up for it. He was like, 'This is an interception!' I take it from him and was like, 'No, this wasn't an interception. It's my ball.' '

Morgan said McCown told him after practice he was the quarterback's first option, which makes sense with the receiver's speed to burn just about anybody on the field.

As for the other catch, Morgan made a diving finger-tip catch behind cornerback Elbert Mack and in front of safety Isa Abdul-Quddus.

Morgan, though, said it wasn't as impressive as it looked.

'The diving across the middle, I probably could have did better,' Morgan said. 'Instead of diving, I could have kept running and run up under it. It looked like a good catch, but there's still little things that goes into every route that you've got to work on.'

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