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COVINGTON, La. - People in northern St. Tammany Parish say they're tired of being literally left in the dark.

They say power fails too frequently in the Lee Road area, and in this heat, it's become unbearable. Over the weekend, customers of Washington -St. Tammany Electric Co-op lost power for several hours both Saturday and Sunday. Some people told us they had to leave their homes because the temperature touched on 90 inside.

Those same people say the problem with the co-op isn't new, but it's getting old.

'It goes off pretty often throughout the week, especially this week, it's been pretty bad,' said customer Stephen Dale.

'We've been here six months, probably this is our eighth time (without power),' said Jean White.

'I'm just hoping to be able to trust that it will be on,' said Bruce Sandifer.

A company spokeswoman told Eyewitness News they are unaware of frequent outage issues in the north Covington area. They said that to know there's a problem, they have to have complaints called in - every time.

As for the outage over the weekend, WSTE says another utility company damaged its lines during an excavation Friday, and efforts to re-route that service lead to an overload of the system.

Customers say they're glad to have their air going again, so far, without interruption, but hope the power company can figure out a way to keep it on better than they have been.

If you're a customer of WSTE, and have an outage, call 1-866-672-9773.

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