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NEW ORLEANS -- Much of New Orleans is already missing their 'Hubig's' fix, four days after the fire that destroyed the Marigny pie factory.

Tuesday morning, Entergy crews finally secured the underground gas pipes that led to the now charred Hubig's facility on Dauphine Street.

Company marketing manager Ty Green said he's returned to site several times since the fire. He promises Hubig's will rise from the ashes.

'I've had conversations with all three of the owners and we know that we are putting together the motion to get this thing back online again,' said Green.

Pie lovers everywhere are doing what they can to make that happen.

The Louisiana-based Rouses grocery store chain announced it is working on a plan to offer displaced Hubig's employees a job, something Green says is a top priority.

'Right now, nothing's confirms as it relates to job offers,' said Green. 'What we're doing is trying to make sure our employees are taken care of first.'

Tuesday, the Magazine Street t-shirt shop Dirty Coast announced a new line of Hubig's theme apparel.

'The goal is basically to give all the proceeds to them to basically raise funds over the next year,' said Dirty Coast Creative Director Blake Haney. 'We're actually going to be working with them on helping them with their printing and also helping them with some new designs.'

Haney said they hope to help strengthen the Hubig's brand while the company rebuilds.

'Anytime something like this happens, it's like we've been there before and so everyone is sort of clinging together,' said Haney. 'I have already received probably four or five emails from friends who are trying to organize their own independent fundraisers. It's probably one of the reasons why this community is so special and why people keep trying to move here.'

The New Orleans Business Alliance and others are also offering to help Hubig's find a temporary pie factory. But, according to Green, duplicating the baking process off-site would be difficult.

'It is good that the offers are out there and the buildings are out there, but it is still unknown whether or not they'll be able to process the pies the way Hubig's Pies did at their own factory,' said Green. 'It is gratifying to know that they are reaching out to the employees of Hubig's Pies to let us know that they love us and they care about what we're doing, what we've done in this community.'

No timetable yet as to when Hubig's pies will return to store shelves, but Green says it will be probably sooner than most people think.

We talked with Rouses' human resources director late this afternoon.

He said the grocer can put all of the displaced hubig's employees to work, and because many of them take public transportation, they can work at the Baronne Street, Tchoupitoulas and Carrollton Avenue stores, which are on the RTA routes.

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