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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham came up injured during practice Wednesday, hurting what appeared to be his lower back after a catch.

Acting head coach Joe Vitt said Graham was fine after practice, but wouldn't elaborate on the injury any further.

'He's fine,' Vitt said. 'There's been no report from the trainers. If it was anything, I'd get a report from the trainers.'

Graham was on a route straight down the field behind Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower when quarterback Drew Brees lofted a pass high.

In a scene much like others in Graham's career, he leaped high over Hightower to catch the ball. But when he came down, he fell hard on his back.

'In typical Jimmy Graham fashion, he was completely selling out for a ball in a play over his head,' quarterback Drew Brees said. 'He ended up catching it for a huge play during practice. We're wearing shells, but he's going a thousand miles an hour. I think he just came down a little funny and had to shake it off, but he's fine.'

Graham jumped to his feet, emphatically spiking the ball into Hightower before running off the field and diving to the ground.

Trainer Scottie Patton walked over to Graham to check on him and about eight minutes later, the tight end got off the ground.

He didn't return to practice, but walked off the field following practice without a limp.

Vitt wouldn't say whether Graham would play Thursday night or not.

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