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NEW ORLEANS -- After our report on a wild dog pack killing a pet cat a week ago, we got several calls from people who had seen the same pack in areas of Gentilly and near Dillard University.

In this Channel 4 follow up, we found other neighborhoods with the same early morning horror story.

Rosemary Sander was shocked at our news report. A wild dog pack seen by Lake Terrace neighbors and a woman distraught about seeing the pack kill her pet cat Mitzie in the dark hours before dawn.

'I started running down the street after them and I chased them about two blocks onto Paris Avenue until I just couldn't run any more,' said Mitzie's owner last week after she witnessed the pack killing her cat. She did not want to be identified.

The same thing happened to Rosemary.

Twice in July around three in the morning, Her rescued pet terrier mix Corkey woke her up agitated and barking. Outside she saw the pack, three one night, seven the next. She watched as they grabbed her neighbor's Siamese cat Charlie.

'I can't tell you the horrible sound that it was to hear that cat being dragged across that street and not being able to save itself. It was horrible,' said Sander, who lives in a quiet area called Gentilly Terrace.

She ran out and did not stop banging on the garbage can and yelling until the pack released him. With dozens of stitches and staples, the veterinarian was able to save him.

'This cat did not stand a chance, did not stand a chance,' she remembers sadly.

The people in Gentilly Terrace describe this pack of dogs very similarly to how the people in Lake Terrace describe them. They're about 60 pounds each, fairly large and most of them seem to be dark brown.

We have contacted the Louisiana SPCA and they plan to put out humane dog traps to catch the animals but they say pet cats and dogs should never be allowed to roam freely. Charlie now only lives indoors.

On a personal note: I saw one of the pack members behind UNO on Lakeshore Drive Saturday morning. It was a large, brown pit bull that had had puppies. She growled and showed her teeth to a woman who is a school teacher at Sacred Heart who was trying to leave food for her. She finally left the food far away and the dog came and ate it immediately.

This was in an area where families regularly play and picnic and fish.

I called the SPCA, but when animal control officers came out, she was gone.

The good Samaritan trying to feed the dog said she has also seen an area in City Park where there are several cat remains, possibly from this pack or from coyotes.

Call the LA/SPCA at 368-5191 extension 100 to report these strays.

Take a look at this study.

Researchers used 'Kitty Cams' to show the dangers cats get into when they are left to roam the streets.

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