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NEW ORLEANS -- The head of the Louisiana State Police, Superintendent Mike Edmonson, says when his investigators are finished, he wants to present the St. John District Attorney Thomas Daley with a picture and story book of exactly what led up to last week's shootings of four parish deputies near LaPlace.

Six suspects in the case are now behind bars in neighboring St. Charles Parish. Another will end up there when he gets out of the hospital.

Bond for the alleged gunman 24-year-old Brian Smith was set at $1 million for an attempted first-degree murder charge.

His father Terry, his brother Derrick Smith, Kyle Joekel and Teniecha Bright face principal to attempted murder charges and a $750,000 bond.

Bond for Chanel Skains and Brittney Keith was set at $350,000 for accessory to attempted first degree murder.

'These are high bonds,' said attorney and legal analyst Tim Meche. 'But, then again when you're involved in shooting police officers your bonds are going to be high.'

The bonds will likely get higher as the St. John district attorney adds additional charges, including first-degree murder in the killing of two deputies at the Riverview Trailer Park.

'In Louisiana, if you intentionally murder a police officer, it's a death penalty case,' said Meche.

The district attorney now has 60 days to bring formal charges.

'If he wants to charge them with first- or second-degree murder, he has to take the case to a grand jury and get an indictment,' said Meche. 'If he wants to charge them with something less, he can do it merely by signing a piece of paper called a bill of information.'

Daley is now waiting on investigative findings from the state police as it pertains to the first-degree murder charges in the case. He hopes to bring those findings to a parish grand jury sometime in the next week.

'I'm sure they are waiting on the ballistics and forensic evidence to come back from the crime lab, and I'm certain they'll try to interview some of these suspects and see if they'll give statements and perhaps cooperate with the prosecutors,' said Meche.

All seven suspects were assigned public defenders which include a private attorney and two defenders from other parishes.

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