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COCODRIE, La. -- The rain and high winds came in spurts until late Tuesday afternoon when there was a constant barrage of bad weather.

As of 8 p.m., the wind has been gusting up to 40 miles per hour and it has strengthened just in the last few hours.

It has been an eventful day here in lower Terrebonne Parish.

As the sun rose along coastal Louisiana, the daylight revealed ominous storm clouds on the horizon associated with an unwelcome guest named Isaac.

There was a brief rainbow over the fishing village of Cocodrie, followed by tropical rains and gusty winds for most of the day.

Despite projections that lower Terrebonne Parish would be on the dry side of the storm when it makes landfall, longtime residents like Johnny Glover say you are never out of harm's way until the storm passes.

'That old saying, you can't count your chickens before they're hatched. This thing hasn't hatched yet. It hasn't hit land and we need to still be really diligent about what we do,' he said.

Most residents in lower Terrebonne heeded the warnings and headed to higher ground to ride out the storm. Some gathered at an evacuation center at the Houma municipal auditorium.

Terry Kane left the bayous of western Terrebonne. He is one of about 175 evacuees spending the night in town.

'I thought it would be more safer than being in the house,' Kane said. 'I thought I might as well come off the bayou because trees might fall, a line might come down. I'd rather be in the safe side and just come down this way.'

Terrebonne Parish leaders ordered a dusk 'til dawn curfew for the duration of the storm.

'A curfew will be instated tonight from 8 p.m., to 6 a.m. It will not stop the sale of alcohol, but it will keep people off the street from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. at this time. It may be extended depending upon Tropical Storm Isaac,' said Arlanda Williams of the Terrebonne Parish Council.

As Isaac grew into a hurricane, the wind and the rain picked up steadily throughout the day.

The storm is giving residents of coastal Terrebonne Parish one more reason to marvel in the forces of Mother Nature.

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