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As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches southeast Louisiana, Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner is asking for prayers.

With his town outside of a levee protection system that he was once promised it would be inside, he's expected flooding from Isaac.

'I don't have any faith in the Corps of Engineers at all,' Kerner said Monday.

During a nearly 10-minute interview with WWL-TV, Kerner said Lafitte was set for levee protection until Hurricane Katrina. Kerner said that storm forced the Corps of Engineers to refocus efforts for levee-building, including advancing a 100-year protection system.

Eventually, Kerner said he was told by Corps of Engineers Col. Al Lee that Lafitte would be in the Donaldsonville-to-the-Gulf levee protection plans.

'(They) said Lafitte, Barataria and Crown Point would definitely be in the 100-year protection,' Kerner said. 'Don't worry. Don't protest. So we didn't. The minute they finished, they said, 'Well we thought you was. You're not.'

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