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Officials have shut off water to Laplace after concerns of Lake Pontchartrain contaminating the water system. Service crews are working on a fix.

Water service continues for Reserve, Garyville and Mount Airy as well as the Westbank.

According to St. John the Baptist Parish president Natalie Robottom, there isn't a break in the line, rather it's a protective measure. When the water levels in the lake go down, which Robottom said is anticipated once the wind changes, the supply will be turned back on.

'It's a preventive measure to prevent contamination of our water system,' Robottom said. 'Our wells are located and abut Lake Pontchartrain.'

Additionally, 95 percent of St. John residents are without power, Robottom said. Entergy can't begin making repairs to the energy grid until winds die down below 30 mph.

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