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A number of homes remain flooded along Highway 11 in Slidell after a flash flood emergency was declared Thursday calling for an evacuation of neighborhoods in the Olde Town area.

The water, while reportedly still knee-deep in some areas has begun to gradually recede along Highway 11 leading into Slidell.

Around 4:30 a.m., officials noticed water was rising. Two hours later, the water had risen several feet. Parish President Pat Brister says flooding is occuring over the railroad tracks near Highway 11.

The Oak Harbor exit of I-10 is closed, though the other exits are open. Eighty percent of businesses in Olde Towne have taken water.

An evacuation was called for the southern part of Brugier, Olde Towne, Dellwood, St. Tammany, Lakeshore Village and Yester Oaks, according to Slidell officials. Neighbors in adjacent subdivisions are reminded to be cautious and on alert to possibly evacuate.

Oak Harbor, Kingspoint, Eden Isle are not part of the evacuation order.

The water is not coming from a breach. Local law enforcement said surge flooding is occuring from Bayou Bonfouca and the W-14 canal and it is back-filling into areas of the city from Near Kings Point subdivision into most of central and south Slidell below an elevation of 9 feet including the Olde Towne area.

Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan said, water in some homes and businesses in Olde Towne and water is now over Ponchartrain Drive, moving southwest.

Drennan said the water is up to three feet in some areas of Olde Towne.

The water is expected to gradually inundate the Olde Towne area, flooding up to five feet, and the water is expected to remain in the area for the next 12-18 hours.

Sudden and rapid inundation of water up to five feet is possible in the lower-lying areas formerly protected by Hesco baskets along north Highway 11/Pontchartain Drive and Old Spanish Trail.

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