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CROWN POINT, La. -- Bayou Barataria is overflowing its banks. The water, pushed in by Hurricane Isaac, is spilling over into homes in Lafitte, Barataria and Crown Point.

This is the third major flood event here since Hurricane Katrina.

'I've lost both vehicles. I've lost everything inside my shed. My family's lost a lot. We have a lot of damage, but we'll come back. We're strong down here. We're used to this,' said Jeanine Dardar, a Crown Point resident.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney toured the flooding Friday. Romney said he was there to learn and to help shed some national attention on the devastation.

Romney and Jindal arrived at the Jean Lafitte Town Hall to talk with local elected officials. Officials no doubt gave them an earful about the lack of federal levee protection in lower Jefferson Parish.

One Lafitte neighbor hung a sign asking the high profile visitors, 'Where is our levee protection?' It's a question resonating up and down the bayou.

'We live outside the levee protection and that's why we get all this water because close the floodgates up front and all their doing is flooding us out down here,' said Jodi Chirello, a Lafitte resident.

John Alario, the Louisiana Senate president, said he will make sure lower Jefferson Parish gets its fair share of money from the BP oil spill settlement and new offshore oil and gas revenue.

'It is one of our top priorities,' Alario said. 'As soon as we get the monies in. That's the problem. The money's got to come in the bank.'

Jindal then met with leaders on Grand Isle where the north end of the island is still flooded.

'If there's one grain of sand left in Grand Isle, we're going to still be here,' said Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle. 'I promise you that.'

PresidentBarack Obama is scheduled to visit the area Monday.

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