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NEW ORLEANS The majority of New Orleanians have power, according to Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

'As of last night, Entergy reported to me they have 85 percent of the city of New Orleans back up and operating,' said Landrieu. 'I was thrilled to hear that they were able to get Venetian Isles back on line.'

Venetian Isles, along with Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou -- areas outside of the levee protection system -- were the hardest hit areas.

With New Orleans avoiding most of Hurricane Isaac's damage, the large swath of power outages and the length of time has tested the paitence of residents.

Frustration with the rate of return to power filtered all the way to local government, as City Council President Stacy Head called for a committee meeting to examine Entergy's response to restore power to New Orleans after Isaac.

'Unfortunately, despite thorough preparation by federal, state, and local governments, our city's recovery has been stymied by energy outages throughout the city. New Orleanians understand that patience is required. But as Entergy's regulators, the Council must inquire as to whether the process of restoring electricity was sufficiently aggressive and visible as soon as the winds subsided,' said a statement from Head. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

The 85 percent with power would exceed the goal set by Charles Rice, CEO of Entergy New Orleans, Saturday to have 70 percent on line by Monday and 90 percent by Wednesday.

According to Entergy, as of 7 a.m., 33,000 are still without power in New Orleans. At the height of the outages, over 150,000 were without power in New Orleans.

'Once this electricity gets on, we can take care of the rest of it,' said Landrieu.

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