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ST. TAMMANY, La. -- Some fresh eyes got a glimpse of Isaac's damage across the area Monday.

The Louisiana Legislative Select Committee on Hurricane Recovery toured St. John, St. Tammany and Plaquemines parishes to get a grasp of what kind of help is needed to put these storms in the past.

The handful of lawmakers made their way through Isaac-ravaged St. Tammany, around mid-day, with the help of facts and figures, maps and slides and a plea from Parish President Pat Brister.

'Something has changed,' Brister said. 'We don't know what.'

The legislators, charged with researching hurricane recovery efforts, wherever needed, get it.

'It was like Katrina all over again seeing some of the damage,' said state Rep. Jared Brossette, D-New Orleans and committee chairman.

And that's led the group to get on board with rallying for resources for the Northshore, even if it means a major project to protect Lake Pontchartrain.

'I think it's important that all of us stay on message in conjunction with our federal delegations as well and try to provide whatever resources they need to make this a better recovery moving forth for future storms,' Brossette said.

Parish leaders are overjoyed that they have legislative support, in addition to congressional commitments, to make sure this area is protected the next time.

'I do think it is all hands on deck to make sure all the precautions are taken,' said state Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington.

Brister said, 'I think they see that it makes more sense that we do something permanently instead of having to do individual costs each time there's a hurricane or a storm.'

The committee will meet in New Orleans on Thursday to go over what was seen on Monday's tour.

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