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METAIRIE, La. Devery Henderson isn't one to do much talking, instead allowing his speed on the field make whatever statement he needs to make for the New Orleans Saints.

But against the Washington Redskins, he took a hit to the head, sustaining a concussion that knocked him out of the game. On Wednesday, he didn't practice, giving him only two days to pass the NFL's concussion test in order to return for the Saints' game Sunday at Carolina.

Should Henderson not make the cut to play against the Panthers, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he'll miss one of his trusted receivers.

He was, however, confident one of the others receiver could step up.

'There's guys that can fill in if needed and we'll see,' Brees said, hinting that Henderson shouldn't be counted out just yet.

Interim head coach Aaron Kromer agreed with Brees.

'Joe Morgan is a fast player for us,' Kromer said. 'Lance Moore can get up the field as well as having great quickness. Jimmy Graham can cover a lot of ground quickly. DarrenSproles can cover a lot of ground. Without Devery, it will be different.

'At the same time, we have to put the pieces together and make sure it is not that much different filling in with our other players.'

Against the Redskins, Morgan stepped in when Henderson went out. He saw 40 snaps out of 75 against the Redskins and Brees threw two passes his way, both falling incomplete.

'He played in the last game and he is going to have to play well in this game, better than he did last week' Kromer said. 'He did a good job blocking, he didn't do a great job catching but he sure ran fast.'

Henderson didn't speak with reporters Wednesday during the day's interview period, but did say he was OK.

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