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NEW ORLEANS -- It's a familiar site for the Concepcion family, but one that never gets any easier to take.

'It's heartbreaking. Very heartbreaking. I've had lots of tears. I find baby pictures in the backyard,' said Melanie Concepcion.

They live in Venetian Isles, and unfortunately flooding seems to be the new normal for them.

'Unfortunately we flooded for Gustav and now Ike. Ike, I mean Isaac, has been a real disaster,' said Robert Concepcion.

Like their neighbors they're trying to get as much debris out as possible before the city stops picking it up and they have to foot the bill.

Their main concern isn't just the cleanup, but whether insurance will sufficiently reimburse their rebuilding costs.

'When they give you $80,000, you put up ($20,000), and you can fix it for ($100,000), it's doable,' said Robert Concepcion. 'I just got documents today on that same house that I was just talking about. They're talking about paying $49,000.'

Since the storm FEMA community relations teams have been going door-to-door to meet people impacted by Isaac.

They're trying to get people to register with FEMA before the registration period ends on Oct. 27.

'My main focus is to reach the people out here, make sure that they know the process,' said Charlotte Barger, of FEMA community relations. 'That's all I care about is that they know the process and how it works and they get the number and how to register.'

To register with FEMA to try and get federal help, call 1-800-621-FEMA.

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