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A New Orleans woman who was looking for an apartment heard about a great offer and decided to take a second look.

When Alana began looking for a new apartment recently, she came across ads on a popular internet site that offered an entire house for rent for a very small sum.

'Exactly what I wanted, a house in Lakeview, and I got a weird response to one of the ads that were saying they were on a missionary trip,' said Alana.

Alana says it got weirder when she asked how she would pay the rent and get the keys when the landlord was out of the country for an extended period, and the answer left her astounded, and suspicious.

'Just the fact that they wanted to send it kind of like in the mail is what mad it weird. It's like you're not actually meeting the person and going to the house. You're sending them a check, and then expecting the key in return,' said Alana.

But the thing that truly shocked Alana was when the caller told her don't pay any attention to the for sale sign posted in front of their house. Now if you are finding that hard to believe, the Better Business Bureau's files are full of stories from people who did fall for stories like that.

'They work on percentages, and a small group will,' said Cynthia Albert, of the Better Business Bureau.

Alana said, 'I wanted people to know about it because I know how hard times are right now, and to be out of that kind of money.'

'Many, many cases you could be scammed if you don't do your homework and if you really don't take control. So this is what you need to do: you have to know everything about it before you send any money, sign any contracts,' said Albert.

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