NEW ORLEANS The city of New Orleans is spending less per capita on sanitation and more per capita on parks and recreation than they were three years ago, but both numbers are still outside of the range of numbers for cities similar in size, according to a recently released report from the Inspector General's Office.

Spending per capita for sanitation dropped from an average of $134 per capita in 2009 vs. $107 per capita in 2012. The latter total, while down considerably from before, still places New Orleans atop the list of comparable cities used by the OIG.

Part of the explanation for the drop in costs could be a rising population, which jumped about 10 percent over the three years, though other cities that had population increases saw a jump in cost per capita.

Spending for parks and recreation in New Orleans jumped from $33 per capita in 2009 to $46 per capita in 2012 despite the jump in population. This actually pushed from the bottom of the comparison group, though it is still well below the average.

In the OIG's report it was stated that use of benchmark cities is used for comparison purposes only and should be used for discussion purposes to determine if appropriate expenditures are being made.

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