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SLIDELL, La. -- A Slidell neighborhood is gearing up for a fight with the city over keeping business where the residents say it belongs.

The scuffle stems from work recently done to clear property along Gause Boulevard near Robert Boulevard, where a new fast-food restaurant will be built.

People in Bon Village say they don't have a problem with the restaurant. Instead, the issue is with a proposed bridge that would connect the back of the property to their neighborhood, over the W-14 canal.

'The traffic will be horrendous,' said Tina McBride. 'Trying to exit this site onto this residential street, that's an 'S' curve would be frightening at the very least.'

Residents say they don't understand why the restaurant needs any more entrances and exits, other than on Gause.

'This is a neighborhood,' said Robyn Smith. 'This isn't a business, so why do you have to connect your business to a neighborhood? It seems like the city is more concerned with their revenue from their sales tax then they are with keeping the aesthetics of this area.'

The city says what's happening with the property is still under review, mainly because there are no concrete plans at this point.

But there are some city leaders who are already siding with residents.

'I've had some of the same concerns,' said Councilman Sam Caruso. 'When I first learned about this, I told everybody I was talking to that I didn't think and I do not think that an exit onto Rue Verand is either necessary or a good idea.'

Caruso also understands there aren't a lot of final ideas when it comes to this project, but he's committed to keeping an eye on it nonetheless.

There's no word on when plans for the property will become more clear, or when they'll be shared with the public. The fast-food restaurant is expected to open in 90 days.

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