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NEW ORLEANS -- Ronnie Rawson says his brother Billie's mental state has been unstable for quite some time, but a few weeks ago, things boiled over during an incident at a local pool hall.

'(Billie) became violent and beat the stick against the table and then grabbed a ball and just chunked it and it hit a bystander, a patron, and sent her to the emergency room.'

Ronnie says, a short time later, Billie checked himself into a mental health facility in Bogalusa.

But, 10 days later, he was released.

'When I picked him up, I knew something was still not right. I said, you know, this is like a time bomb, and it happened,' Ronnie said.

According to police, Billie stabbed his father, Billie Rawson, Sr., to death during a fight at their home in Pearl River Tuesday.

Now, with one family member dead and another charged with murder, Ronnie wants answers.

'I don't know the extent of his mental problems, but he was trying to seek help for them and he just, I mean, you can't give him a couple of scripts and say he's cured after, you know, one week,' he said.

Ronnie believes the case is yet another result of statewide problems with the mental health care system.

Now, he plans to do what he can to make a difference.

'I'm devastated. It's a travesty and I never dreamt it would happen to me, but now that it has, I'm awakened to the fact that something has to be done. I'll speak in front of any camera. I'll carry a picket sign as high as I'm possibly capable of carrying it,' Ronnie said. 'I can't keep seeing people lose their family members as I have mine. Can't be replaced.'

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