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NEW ORLEANS -- Stolen cars, guns and shots fired have landed two people in the Orleans Parish Prison.

New Orleans police say one of the suspects is linked to at least three crimes in the same day. NOPD is crediting good detective work and observant witnesses for helping land those two suspects behind bars.

'On Monday afternoon, we had a carjacking in the 7600 block of Willow Street the victim was standing outside her car, an armed gunman approached and took her car at gunpoint,' said NOPD Second District Commander Paul Noel.

NOPD says 20-year-old Ken Dooley was the gunman. He allegedly ditched the Lexus SUV in the 1700 block of General Ogden.

Nine hours later, police say Dooley and several accomplices were spotted driving away in a different stolen car from a shooting that injured one person near General Ogden and Olive Streets in Hollygrove.

Police say Dooley was tracked to the 9200 block of Colapissa where a K-9 unit found him, hiding under a house.

'When we captured Ken Dooley on the scene in his pocket there was a key from the vehicle which was carjacked on Willow Street,' said Commander Noel.

Police say Dooley helped lead detectives to 18-year-old Robashi Holmes, identifying him as the trigger man from Monday night's Hollygrove shooting.

In another twist, police say Holmes was also the victim who was shot on an RTA bus back in July on Carrollton Avenue.

Now NOPD is trying to determine if there is a connection.

'Our detectives are definitely exploring that angle. As of now, we don't have any concrete information that this shooting at General Ogden was related to any other shootings in the city,' Noel said.

'That is the unfortunate thing. It's come to the point where the question is, when will the next event happen?' said Hollygrove native Earl Williams, who works for Trinity Christian Community.

The group's goal is to provide programs for local youth. He said resources are out there to steer kids away from crime, but there's a disconnect.

'To me it seems like you've got a lot of moving parts that aren't coordinated and its my hope that there would be more coordinated approach to dealing with this problem,' said Williams.

NOPD says both Dooley and Holmes are now in custody.

Dooley is charged with armed robbery, auto burglary and possession of stolen property.

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