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KENNER, La. -- A West Bank couple took celebrating Halloween to a whole new level by tying the knot.

Not only did the bridal party embrace the spirit, so did dozens of guests. A steady wave of costumed guests flowed into the ballroom at the Chateau Estates Country Club in Kenner on Wednesday night, all eager to take part in a very special 'All Hallows Eve' celebration.

'They may walk in thinking this is kind of weird, but they'll walk out, wow this is one I'm never going to forget,' said Jacques Richard of Westwego.

A black tiered cake complete with bride & groom; skull centerpieces encircled with candy; and a graveyard themed wedding alter are how Kahne Prejean and Jacques Richard decided to tie the knot.

'We're glad to finally get around to doing what we've always wanted to do. In so far as our dream wedding is concerned,' said Richard.

'Being that our first date was on Halloween, I felt it was appropriate and we've always been a little weird in case you couldn't tell by the tattooing and everything else,' said Prejean.

Twenty years ago, the couple went on their first date as teens, and this Halloween with costumed guests by their side, the couple exchanged vows.

'They dated as children, they grew up and went different ways. If you knew them when they were in high school, you'd definitely understand that this is them,' said guest Janet Ingrassia.

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