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NEW ORLEANS -- Faced with the chance to strengthen gun rights in Louisiana, Tuesday, voters responded with a resounding 'yes' as they passed Amendment 2 with 73 percent of the vote.

Gretna Gun Works Manager Jason Gregory believes it was the right move.

'I think any time you expand our freedoms and make sure they're concrete is a good thing for everybody,' he said.

But following the landslide vote, opponents are concerned.

'I think what we have done is we have made Louisiana, probably, the most liberal state with regard to carrying concealed weapons in the country,' said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Tuesday's decision calls for 'strict scrutiny' on gun restrictions.

Cannizzaro said the effects are already being felt, as defense attorneys in a local gun possession case filed a motion to dismiss, Thursday a strategy that was based on Tuesday's vote.

Opponents also fear police officers' abilities to check for concealed weapons on the streets took a major hit.

'My concern was simply from a public safety perspective, especially in Orleans Parish, where we see so many murders that have occurred in the past and we see the overwhelming majority of these killings are done by people using guns,' Cannizzaro said.

But because of the violent crime problem, Gregory said many law-abiding citizens are turning to guns for protection.

'Most of the people that live in the city, I don't think are really gun friendly or care for guns, but I have seen recently that a lot of these folks, because of the crime element, because they're feeling maybe that gun rights are threatened, have now decided to purchase firearms,' he said.

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