Sheba Turk / Eyewitness News

Back in 2010 the Army Corps of Engineers began a project to upgrade the levee at Causeway Boulevard. While the project was major boost in flood protection, it made a rough morning commute for Northshore drivers.

'It has been a marvelous adventure. At some points we've had backups to seven miles on the bridge, which was the worst probably early in this year in 2012,' Carlton Dufrechou, Causeway general manager.

'Most of the times the commute over the bridge would be about 40 minutes in the morning, atypical commute would be 30 minutes.'

While crews have been working two lanes on the Southshore end of the bridge have been closed, but lanes reopened early this morning, giving drivers access to four lanes as they exit the bridge into Metairie.

It has been a long two years for commuters who take the Causeway into Metairie in the mornings. Dufrechou is confident in the levee upgrades and expects the remainder of the project to be finished in the new year.

'It's about two months ahead of schedule,' said Dufrechou. 'The northbound lanes are about two months ahead of schedule. The northbound lanes are yet to be complete. There is a punch list of items but by the end of the year- January- it should be wound up completely.'

Work is wrapping up on the Southshore end of the bridge but construction continues on the Northshore end as crews work to install a fifth lane for the bridge's new toll collection system.

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