Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News
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Anti-toll activists are asking local lawmakers and Jefferson Parish officials to contest the November 6, election that extended the tolls on the Crescent City Connection bridge for another 20 years.

Wade Perrin, chairman of the Voters League of Unincorporated West Jefferson, LLC sent a letter to JP President John Young, JP Council members and members of the local legislative delegation to push for a recount.

The toll extension passed by a slim, 16 vote margin with about 310,000 votes cast.

StopThe is also contesting the results of the election. '(T)he CCCD referendum failed in Jefferson Parish but passed in Orleans Parish by a mere 16 votes which were counted by hand,' said Michael Teachworth, the group's director.

According to Perrin, 'An accurate and objective recount of all votes must be recorded to quell the perception of impropriety that continues to surround this election.'

Teachworth wants the Jefferson Parish Council to 'file litigation in order to confirm the accuracy of the Orleans Parish vote and protect its citizens.'

No word yet on whether local leaders will comply with Perrin and Teachworth's requests.

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