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ST.TAMMANYPARISH, La. -- Covington firefighters saved two children from a burning house and a neighbor rescued two other children early Thursday morning.

The fire broke out in the 200 block of West Edwards Street around 1 a.m. The fire ravaged the single-story home.

Fire officials are still on the scene investigating and trying to determine a cause, according to State Fire Marshal Butch Browning.

A mother and her four children were in the home when the fire started, said Browning. The neighbor rescued two of the children before the fire department arrived.

Two children were still trapped by the flames in the building, said Browning. Firefighters broke into the building and rescued the two trapped children. They were taken to the hospital.

The mother and two children were sleeping in the front of the home, according to fire investigators. The mother woke up to the smell of smoke and hurried the young boys, a six-year-old and three-year-old, that were with her out of the home with the help of a neighbor. They were unharmed.

Firefighters arrived shortly after the three escaped from the home, and the mother told them that two of her children were still inside. Firefighters broke through a window to get to the children, two girls, six- and four-years-old, according to investigators.

Both of the girls suffered severe burns in the fire. They are being transferred to a burn unit in Galveston, Texas.

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