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NEWORLEANS - The Coast Guard has wrapped up its investigation into possible sources of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.

Since September, there have been a series of oil sheens that have appeared about 50 miles off the coast in the gulf, which is near the site of the 2010 BPoil well explosion and following leak.

The Cost Guard supervised as BP sent remote controlled submersibles to the bottom of the gulf in order to investigate.

The first time they went down, a leak was found near the containment dome used in 2010. It was plugged.

However, sheens continued to appear, so BP made three more excursions to see if the leak was continuing.

This investigation was so expansive, because, for the first time, the wreckage of the rig, which spans across a mile of the gulf floor, was inspected for thousands of barrels of oil.

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