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SLIDELL, La. -- Two elderly sisters left homeless by hurricanes twice in the past decade are homeless no more.

Eyewitness News first told you about 88-year-old Eris LaJaunie and 92-year-old Germaine Pastore't, from Slidell, in September.

Then, the two houses that the women lived in sat side by side, gutted and empty, care of Hurricane Isaac.

Now walls and new appliances fill both houses. The sisters were overjoyed to be back in time for Christmas.

'My heart is so full of gratefulness,' said Pastore't. 'I'm just, I am like a child who's found a new toy.'

LaJaunie said, 'I don't think I can express the way I feel, but it's marvelous.'

The sisters were able to return so quickly thanks to the Epworth Project. The organization also brought them back home after their houses flooded in Hurricane Katrina.

'To be able to finish this thing up before the holidays, the number of volunteers that turned out to get this project done has just been phenomenal,' said Epworth Project Executive Director Dale Kimball.

The homes are among 40 that the Epworth Project is rebuilding after Hurricane Isaac. And while half of those are already done or under construction, the Epworth Project still needs your help to finish the rest.

'There's a lot of need still here in this area and in the greater New Orleans area, and if there's something you can do -- one hour, one day, two or three days -- we need the help. We need the financial resources,' said Kimball.

The sisters are also advocating for the organization that has come to their rescue twice.

'Absolutely, help 'em, absolutely,' LaJaunie said.

So the Epworth Project can continue to help others.

The organization says the sisters had leftover insurance money from the rebuilding that wasn't used, so they donated it the Epworth Project for other work. Click here to learn more.

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