Sheba Turk / Traffic Reporter

NEWORLEANS- When you're driving to a New Year's Eve party getting into an accident is probably the last thing on your mind.

But statistics show the holiday season is the time when road safety needs to be a priority.

'There are so many vehicles traveling the streets and more traffic causes potential for more hazardous situations,' said Lt. Anthony Micheu.

According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission , last year from just December 30 to January 1 there were over 140 accidents in Louisiana. Micheu says a big part of this problem comes from people disregarding traffic lights.

'As a result of people running red lights we see alot more crashes and they are a lot more dangerous,' he said.

American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the city's red light and speed enforcement cameras, lists the five most dangerous intersections for red light running and listed the number of violations in each spot from April 2008 through September 2012:

  • N Carrollton Ave. @ Canal St. - 17,836 violations
  • S Carrollton Ave. @ Palmetto St - 30,488 violations
  • Canal St. @ S Carrollton Ave. - 17,827 violations
  • Poydras St. @ Loyola Ave. - 13,454 violations
  • S. Carrollton Ave @ Earhart Blvd. - 11,846 violations

Lieutenant Micheu says drivers should plan ahead if alcohol is part of their celebration so that busy intersections like these don't become deadly.

'We'll see alot of increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so we'll be out there in full force to insure that the citizens of the safety New Orleans can enjoy the fireworks show and their time in the French Quarter.'

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